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Piano Keys

Piano Lessons

I offer beginner and intermediate piano lessons to children ages 5-18. My piano students are taught a variety of scales and I choose a method that caters to each individual student. The most common method books that I use are the Piano Adventures series by Faber and Wunderkeys by Andrea and Trevor Dow. In each lesson I incorporate a combination of learning theory, proper technique, and performance skills through games and hands on activities. Piano lessons tend to cover a wider genre of musical styles. I encourage students to practice sight reading in different genres of music so that they may develop the autonomy to choose and learn new piano music on their own one day without the help of a teacher. Piano lessons also tend to be a bit lighter and focused on learning through play more than in my violin lessons. I view beginner piano lessons as a great way to become introduced into music as it provides a solid foundation in music theory that can be transferred to learning other instruments, and it can be broken down into simple concepts easy enough for small children to understand. Piano lessons are taught in my home in Bryan, Texas.

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